Saturday, August 26, 2006


Isolated Esperantists often wish to communicate with other Esperantists to practice speaking.

I'm wandering from the usual theme of the "Recruiting Place" to call attention to the possibility of free global telephone contact by means of your computer.

I've noticed the personal profiles of registered users at and other examples sometimes mention the program "Skype" for that purpose. But Skype users need a broadband connection to the internet. I don't have that, so I'm unable to use the Skype internet phone.

I just discovered a system to make free telephone calls globally with your regular telephone (you don't need a headset), with nothing to download, with either broadband or dial-up connection to the internet.

In the last case, ask me about a maneuver to achieve results with a dial-up connection. (If you have dial-up, when someone telephones you, he'd normally get a busy signal.)

It isn't necessary for the friend you are phoning to be connected to the internet.

Naturally, you would arrange your telephone calls according to Greenwich Mean Time, etc.

If someone wants to be my telephone friend, contact me for my phone number.

Examine the above-mentioned free method at

My email address is


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