Sunday, August 20, 2006


There are several reasons, perhaps many, to learn and use Esperanto. Nevertheless, a different reason supports our desire to propagate Esperanto. (It has to do with the "internal idea," and I'll deal with that at a later time.)

We easily become discouraged in our recruitment efforts because we cannot guarantee the results.

To combat such discouragement, we need a stronger motivation than that which is sufficient merely for learning.

The lack of recruiting results discourages us, and we always will have more failure than success. That is natural.

Therefore, it is a serious mistake to fear failure.

Nevertheless, what is the antidote against discouragement?

Here is the same idea expressed in different words:

One ought to work to achieve every worthy goal.

If something is worth doing, it ought to be done.

Don't be concerned over results, only for your efforts. During this life, no one can assure the end result of any action whatever.

Only the present work is worthwhile. Think about that for the present and leave the future in God's hands.


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