Thursday, January 18, 2007



The old-time door-to-door salesmen who were worth imitating also had personalities worth emulating. They always presented themselves as apparently being truly pleasant and obliging good-natured individuals.

They shook hands firmly and maintained eye-to-eye contact with people they spoke to.

Last week I was in the library and saw two adolescents sitting in a corner amusing themselves with a table game. I hoped to begin a small friendly conversation with them and try to put in a favorable word about Esperanto.

Both of them were the most introspective and introverted boys I ever met. Neither one nor the other looked at me, and gave me one-syllable replies in a monotone. I usually pride myself on my skill in striking up conversations with strangers of any age, but I completely failed to evoke a single word from this pair.

I feel sorry for intelligent people who lack personalities for extroverted interaction with others. I consider it a great pity.

Of course even lacking that, one may be successful in many undertakings, but never as an Esperanto recruiter.

One can achieve the necessary personality to successfully recruit.


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