Thursday, June 15, 2006


Esperantists excel in some things such as self-congratulations, taking group photographs, defending Esperanto against critics, and more or less publicizing their clubs. Also they busy themselves by issuing "manifestos" and signing petitions which they wrote themselves.

They also like to "reinvent the wheel" as the saying goes. In other words, they repair things that aren't broken. Mainly the computer programmers delight in trying to improve Esperanto study aids, even when they already work well. Human nature likes to change things which often don't need changing. Everyone putters.

Therefore Esperantists (as a group) well know how to defend and publicize Esperanto, and even to teach it well. But who is in charge of recruitment? Notice how the majority of national Esperanto societies don't grow much from year to year.

It is difficult enough to maintain the membership year after year, in spite of good work defending, publicizing, and teaching. It is self-evident that the only problem is they are not emphasizing the enlistment of new members which is carried out through individual effort.


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