Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Every time we present ourselves to others, at the same time we are presenting the other person either a bridge or a barrier. As we appear, so we emotionally and intellectually impress others.

Some people attract us while others repel us, don't they? The reverse is also true. We attract and repel others by our personality, appearance, and our manner of speech.

Suppose someone wrote for pen-pals: "I'm an atheist and anarchist. I like body piercing and big tattoos. I'm a no-egg-or-milk vegan and I'm gay. I wish to correspond. Write me."

Yeah, maybe when it snows in hell.

Clearly understand me. This request for correspondence is suitable when one searches for pen-pals. But it is completely forbidden in the self-presentation of the Esperanto recruiter, because it contains too many barriers and simultaneously lacks bridges. Therefore it would repel the majority of the population.

Our goal is to attract everyone.


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