Thursday, May 11, 2006


I was greatly surprised to learn that many successful coaches never played the sports they coached. A famous swimming coach did not even know how to swim! That isn't serious, because they have a deep understanding of the sport and are able to teach it well.

The Olympic gymnastic coach Bela Karoli has an unusual ability to instruct, urge, and motivate the tiny girls who win an incredible number of gold medals. But Karoli himself isn't able even to chin himself!

The successful auto salesman doesn't understand auto mechanics as well as a garage mechanic.

Still the fictitious idea exists that only Esperantists with a high level of expertise have a right to enlist converts into the Esperanto movement.

Think about it! Do the most experienced Esperantists win over the greatest number of people to Esperanto? The question is somewhat embarrassin; the answer will be more embarrassing.

It is necessary only that one have more knowledge of aspirants than the one being won over.


Anonymous Scott REDD said...

Hi Richard:

Good work on the blog.

I think what makes the promotion of a language different from things like coaching sports is that a language is so basic to human behavior that it's expected that everyone have a good command of their spoken languages.

While the work of "neparolantoj" is important and very welcome when promoting Esperanto, I think anyone planning a booth, exposition, etc., should have at least one good speaker on hand to show it off. If you can get two there speaking with one another, then all the better.

Best of luck with your "varbado."

Ĝis, kaj bonan ŝancon!


5:53 PM  
Anonymous Mike59 said...

Saluton Riĉardo!

Mi dankegas vin pro via mesaĝo sur Lernu! - kaj mi gratulas vin pro via nova blogo.
Oni povas pli facile lerni la belan lingvon dank'al la bonaj blogoj!

I'd like to congratulate you - especially people speaking English as a mother tongue - to promote the use of Esperanto.

Being myself a "language addict", I may tell you Eo is by far the easiest one and it can be learnt very fast.
Thanks to it, we can communicate throughout the world very easily only after a few lessons.

One of the best websites :

... and everything's free!!!

Mi kore salutas vin el norda Francio!
Michel (Mike59 sur Lernu!)

11:11 AM  

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