Saturday, February 10, 2007



Here is a question to start a conversation with the aim or recruiting or to initiate a discussion about Esperanto during any conversation.

Ask "Have you ever heard of Espeanto?" (Naturally you appear friendly.)

Now, for two serious points: Wait silently until he responds and maintain direct eye contact with him. Say nothing until he answers. It is sometimes very difficult to stay quiet before another person answers but it is very important.

The person you are talking with has two possible responses: "Yes, I've heard of Esperanto," or "No, I have never heard of Esperanto."

If he answers that he already knows something, you of couse say, "How did you come to know of it? I'm interested a lot in that."

"If he answers that he never even heard of Esperanto, here is your response: "What a pity!

Do not say another word! Make him say the next word. He will answer, "Why a pity?"

Then you are able to explain the advantageous reasons for learning Esperanto.

I recommend this helpful method to you.


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